I really would like to partecipate, is there any way to attend to the
meeting from remote (I'm from Italy) ?

Or at least it would be great to have some log of this meetings

-- Enrico

2016-10-13 8:32 GMT+02:00 Sijie Guo <si...@apache.org>:
> Matteo, JV and me have tried running weekly syncup meetings for a while.
> We'd like to extend it as the community syncup meeting - for technical
> discussions, community matters and any sync-ups. The meeting is typically
> comprised of 2 parts - the first part is going through any open pull
> requests and newly open jiras and the second part is technical discussions
> around issues and features and community matters (like meetups and events).
> We'd like to know if any other contributors are interested in
> participating. If so, what are the best time to meet and how often it
> should be?
> - Sijie

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