I think it is great to have such meetings. The Kafka community, for example, 
organizes meetings to discuss KIPs:

https://goo.gl/OK0Rhi <https://goo.gl/OK0Rhi>

and if we have such meetings, I'd suggest we make sure to propose an agenda 
beforehand so that all people participated can join. Also, from an ASF 
perspective, please keep in mind that no decisions can be made offline. All 
project-related decisions need to happen via the mailing list or jira. The goal 
of the meeting should be for coordination purposes and potentially technical 
discussion around the project, issues, and code.

> On 13 Oct 2016, at 08:32, Sijie Guo <si...@apache.org> wrote:
> Matteo, JV and me have tried running weekly syncup meetings for a while.
> We'd like to extend it as the community syncup meeting - for technical
> discussions, community matters and any sync-ups. The meeting is typically
> comprised of 2 parts - the first part is going through any open pull
> requests and newly open jiras and the second part is technical discussions
> around issues and features and community matters (like meetups and events).
> We'd like to know if any other contributors are interested in
> participating. If so, what are the best time to meet and how often it
> should be?
> - Sijie

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