For the record, your breakdown of the email trying to decipher what I meant is 
correct. It’s not your fault, but email doesn’t convey tone, nor do you know 
what I am 
thinking or what I was trying to say. In fact, I was actually saying the PMC 
wasn’t doing its job, 
because (as I stated to you months ago), you (and many other community members 
Cassandra) *should* have a binding vote. It wasn’t discrediting to you to point 
out that 
you don’t have the PMC or committer credentials; it was an example trying to 
point out 
that you *should* have them. And that you clearly care about the project as I 
believe you 
have developed a book on the subject of Apache Cassandra a while back IIRC 
which in Tika,
Nutch, OODT, and a number of other projects would have earned you the ability 
to have a
direct say in those Apache projects. And a lot of others.

It’s these systematic fracturing of the community under the guise of a single 
vendor who
has stated that they care about Cassandra (note the omission of Apache), but by 
has shown they either don’t understand, or don’t care about the Apache part of 
the equation.
That’s what caused me to become frustrated when the following sequence of events

1. After the Board meeting Mark Thomas one of our Directors took point on 
the Apache Cassandra PMC with some of the concerns brought up over the past 6
months and the role I was filling there became a back seat for me. 
2. I saw over the past few days on a Twitter feed retweeted by an ASF member 
Kelly Sommers (whom I have never met in person and do not know previously) was 
questions and stating negative things about the ASF that I believed could be 
much better
understood by bringing them here to the ASF mailing lists for Apache Cassandra. 
I suggested
on Twitter that she bring her concerns to the Apache lists and told her which 
email address
to send it to. Some of the same people that eventually came onto the thread 
were people 
who were communicating with her on Twitter – this was disappointing as they 
could have 
done the same thing, and suggested Kelly come to the lists, Apache Cassandra 
PMC or not.
3. After 12 hours I checked back with Kelly and the Twitter dialogue had 
continued with several
ASF members and even some Board members getting involved. Again, I asked Kelly 
why talk
there, and why not just talk to the email list which is the canonical home for 
Apache Cassandra?
She told me she sent the mail the prior night. 
4. So of course I checked (after having already guessed it was stuck in 
moderation) and yes it
was. What ensued was both frustration by my part and also email conversation 
that was heated
on both sides. I felt swiped on by a few emails where I had good intentions but 
I felt we were 
wasting time debating whether we *should* moderate something through – which to 
me was
a clear answer (yes). Where I failed there was to recognize that the real 
answer was that the Apache
Cassandra PMC did not have enough moderators and the people I was mostly going 
back and forth
with were not the moderators of the mailing lists. 
5. One positive thing that came from #4 was that at least there are more 
moderators now. I’m not sure
the reason for the lack of geographically diverse moderators, but it’s 
definitely something the PMC should
check from time to time. Not pointing fingers, simply identifying 

In my emails I used the word “shi*t” and “f’ing”. I didn’t direct either of 
these words at anyone in particular.
I used them as color in expressing my frustration. It happens from time to 
time. Sorry. 

The Cassandra MVP comment was also not a diss on you as much as it was me 
saying – ideally – I would hope that
the Apache Cassandra MVP people promote the concept of their community leaders 
becoming “ASF members”, 
and that Cassandra MVPs are great – but secondary – to the responsibilities of 
the PMC to move towards ensuring
its community understands the Apache Way. 

Russell and I have never met in person so he does not really know me and nor I 
him. So he doesn’t know some of
these nuances that people would normally know having met each other in mediums 
besides email or electronically.
Many of you do not know me either. I will conclude with saying that I realize 
many of the people here for Apache
Cassandra have the best intentions for the project at heart. Please realize I 
do too. I care about the ASF and projects
and it leads me to send TL;DR emails and/or to use passion in my words. That 
can lead to frustration and to other

Thanks for listening. 


On 11/5/16, 3:16 PM, "Russell Bradberry" <> wrote:

    For the record, I never said anyone was attempting to make me “look bad”.  
I simply stated that his method of argument was to discredit me.  Below I will 
break down his response, as I see it, and as others who have messaged me off 
list see it as well:
    “… You see I’ve been around since 2004 and elected by the membership to the 
Board for the last three years based on merit …”
    Here he is showing his superiority by way of tenure, or merit.
    “You see I actually understand…”
    The use of the term “actually” in this sense is to provide an attack 
against me in an effort to prove that I do not understand.
    “…unfortunately you do not have a voice …”
    Again, this is a blatant attempt to discredit me and provide proof that my 
word is of no worth because I am not on the PMC, nor a committer.
    “You won’t have a vote in the next Apache Board election.”
    “You won’t have a vote in the next Members election.”
    “why haven’t you been elected to have a binding voice within the project? 
Please ask yourself that”
    This is either an attempt to discredit me, in that I have not done enough 
to be elected, or an attempt to state the PMC hasn’t been doing their job in 
recognizing my efforts.
    “please ask yourself – what is a “Cassandra MVP” compared to a member of 
the ASF which is home to the project””
    This is not only insinuating that MVP is less than being a member of the 
ASF, and because I was given the MVP title, that somehow I am less than as 
well. (for the record, I have not asked for the MVP title, it was awarded, and 
I do not think that it should have any effect on the project from an Apache 
standpoint. Quite simply put, it is just another bullet point on a resume)
    “I’ve been privy and voted on granting membership to within the foundation 
since 2011”
    More attempts to discredit me by showing tenure.
    Literally, the first portion of the response was a campaign to discredit me 
in order to demonstrate his merit.  The rest of the email goes to defend a 
point that I did not make.  
    Again, I will assert that the complaints the board has are valid.  Datastax 
may have overstepped bounds and, as a result, put the project and ASF at risk.  
I am not an authority on the subject and have not been privy to the private 
messages between the board, PMC, and Datastax.  What I will say, is that the 
tone, vitriol, ad-hominem responses and other unprofessional conduct has caused 
a rift in this community.  Most of this is coming directly from the board, 
specifically Chris.  Furthermore, as Aleksey has pointed out, this occurs in 
the private lists as well.  This is a form of toxic-leadership and is proven to 
not only be ineffective, but also be directly harmful.  These issues can, and 
should, be resolved amicably. 
    Professionalism and Respect, if aren’t, should be of the core tenets of any 
foundation, especially one of the caliber of Apache.
    On 11/5/16, 9:38 AM, "Mark Struberg" <> wrote:
        Russel, I don't read that out of Chris' answer.
        He just tried to show how community development might look like if done 
a bit more openly.
        Do you mind going back to Chris' original reply and re-read it again?
        I've not interpreted it as anyone trying to make you look bad. Au 
        txs and LieGrue,
        > On Saturday, 5 November 2016, 13:56, Russell Bradberry 
<> wrote:
        > > It seems that your tactic of argument is to discredit me at every 
level in order 
        > to show your superiority of sorts.  Let me set this straight, I am 
        > attempting to say that I am an authority on ASF or that I know how 
things should 
        > be run.  I also was not attempting to vilify you in front of the 
board or vilify 
        > you in any way.  My complaint is that your rhetoric is 
unprofessional; and as a 
        > representative of the board the language you use is, plainly, casting 
a bad 
        > light on the ASF.
        > I understand all of your concerns and was not attempting to minimize 
them in any 
        > way; they are legitimate concerns.  The way you are handling them is 
what I am 
        > concerned with and the tone you take is what I believe is helping 
divide the 
        > community.  Being the “villain” as you say is what is the problem.  
If you cast 
        > yourself as the villain as a representative of the foundation you are 
        > making the foundation look bad.
        > Lastly, I may not have a vote, but I do have a voice.  Everyone in 
the community 
        > does and can be heard, if not then it isn’t much of a community at 
all. I 
        > wouldn’t have you voted off the board nor do I want you to be voted 
off the 
        > board, I have not enough information to make a sound decision in that 
        > All I ask if for some common professionalism and courtesy, nothing 
        > On 11/4/16, 4:46 PM, "Chris Mattmann" <> 
        > wrote:
        >     Hi Russ,
        >     Sorry that you feel that way. I’m happy to be the villain when it 
comes to 
        > protecting
        >     those same ideals you cite regarding Apache in your below thread. 
You see 
        > I’ve been
        >     around since 2004 and elected by the membership to the Board for 
the last 
        > three years
        >     based on merit, and contributions towards those ideals over a 
decade of the 
        > ASF. 
        >     I’ve been around longer than Apache Cassandra and this community 
and fully 
        > intend 
        >     for that to continue. My job is not to only care about Cassandra. 
It’s to 
        > ensure that the 
        >     ASF is a vendor neutral ground for ALL of its projects. You see I 
        > understand and 
        >     have read what’s required of me to serve the membership of the 
ASF and its 
        > communities. 
        >     I take this VERY seriously. Perhaps more than you know.
        >     You see the other problem with your complaint about me – is that 
        > unfortunately you
        >     do not have a voice to act on that complaint. You won’t have a 
vote in the 
        > next Apache
        >     Board election. You won’t have a vote in the next Members 
election. And 
        > *that* is
        >     the rub. I wouldn’t even care if you did or not and you voted 
against me on 
        > the ballot.
        >     If the Apache Cassandra PMC or community cared enough about you 
or your 
        > contributions
        >     to the project, you would have been made a committer, or PMC 
member, long 
        > ago, and
        >     heck you would have even had a chance to become an ASF member 
where you 
        > could do
        >     more than simply voice your displeasure with my actions, you 
would be able 
        > to vote with
        >     your feet against my tyranny of trying to make this project’s 
        > committee 
        >     understand their responsibilities for the ASF. I don’t even 
consider your 
        > requests to have
        >     me vilified in front of the Board something that would disqualify 
you for 
        > membership in 
        >     the PMC or committee. If you have been making contributions, even 
        > threads,
        >     answering questions, etc., to the point of your prior emails 
including this 
        > one – why haven’t
        >     you been elected to have a binding voice within the project? 
Please ask 
        > yourself that. 
        >     In fact, please ask yourself – what is a “Cassandra MVP” compared 
to a 
        > member of the 
        >     ASF which is home to the project? Also please go look at all the 
people I’ve 
        > been privy and 
        >     voted on granting membership to within the foundation since 2011, 
go look at 
        > some of the 
        >     functioning and healthy projects that don’t have a problem with 
        > neutrality at the 
        >     ASF, and *then* come and talk to me about how my professional and 
        > isn’t such 
        >     to stand on the board of the ASF. Again, I’ll wait.
        >     If it’s a hostile request to ask that a potentially inflammatory 
        > discussion that I attempted
        >     to bring about to the *source of the project’s discussion here at 
the ASF* 
        > and for a mail summarizing
        >     that Twitter discussion to be moderated through within 12 hours, 
        >     for the PMC of an Apache project to understand its commitments 
        > having
        >     geographically diverse moderators for their Apache lists; and if 
it’s a 
        > hostile request to 
        >     ask that all members of the community including those non 
committers and/or 
        > PMC 
        >     that take to Twitter to voice their concerns when they are not 
sure of even 
        > where the 
        >     canonical discussion for the project is have a voice here on the 
        > lists for the project
        >     then there is something fundamentally wrong with the community. I 
        > assert again based 
        >     on my reading of the facts including archives, code, discussions 
here and 
        > outside of the ASF, abuse 
        >     of trademarks, vendor non-neutrality, tea leaves and the 
collective WHOLE of 
        > those things that my initial
        >     request to bring the conversation on list -  that was met with 
the usual 
        > random drive by vitriol and my follow
        >     up asking how in the bleeping world there were at least 3 emails 
        > whether or not an email
        >     should be moderated though - was warranted. 
        >     I state this as someone who has seen Apache projects come and go 
and will 
        >     continue to see that, even ones at the same level of interest as 
        > (and much 
        >     much more too as well). If it’s hostile for a Board member to 
drive the 
        > discussions to 
        >     the mailing list instead of outside sources, then my apologies 
for my 
        > hostility. You will
        >     continue to get that apology as I continue to do my job and what 
I signed up 
        > to do as an
        >     ASF board member in terms of maintaining that vendor neutrality, 
        > irrespective of whether
        >     or not people don’t like my directness, frankness, and discussion.
        >     Chris
        >     On 11/4/16, 1:09 PM, "Russell Bradberry" 
        > <> wrote:
        >            - ... we are arguing whether to f'ing moderate it through. 
        > Great
        >            job.
        >            - Do you think it's healthy to send emails trying to talk 
        > instead
        >            of ...
        >            - ... project? Or is Twitter the official list now? Go 
        > I'll wait.
        >         Given your behavior and rhetoric on this thread, I believe 
you lack the
        >         professionalism and character to be a board member of 
anything, let 
        > alone
        >         representing the Apache Software Foundation and it's ideals. 
        > I've CC'd the
        >         rest of the Apache board because I would like to formally 
complain about
        >         your divisive rhetoric and overall unprofessional conduct 
within this
        >         mailing list.
        >         This list, and community, are made up of individuals and 
volunteers. I
        >         believe, attacking them, even though you believe you may have 
        >         attacked, detracts from the conversation and elevates tension 
in an 
        > already
        >         tense community.  I encourage others to chime in if I am 
        > here. I
        >         personally feel that someone acting in a leadership capacity, 
such as a
        >         board member, should be held to a higher standard of 
professionalism and
        >         conduct when doing business; whether it is with their board 
member hat 
        > on
        >         or not.  I would hate for it to be assumed that the entire 
Apache board
        >         encourages, promotes, or even acts in this manner.
        >         -Russ
        >         On Fri, Nov 4, 2016 at 1:18 PM Mattmann, Chris A (3010) <
        >> wrote:
        >         > Mark Thomas got it done ✅
        >         >
        >         > Sent from my iPhone
        >         >
        >         > > On Nov 4, 2016, at 10:13 AM, Jason Brown 
        > <> wrote:
        >         > >
        >         > > s/sis/is
        >         > >
        >         > >> On Fri, Nov 4, 2016 at 10:12 AM, Jason Brown 
        > <>
        >         > wrote:
        >         > >>
        >         > >> Chris,
        >         > >>
        >         > >> Yes, I would like to be added, and here sis the ticket I 
        > filed:
        >         > >>
        >         > >>
        >         > >> Thanks,
        >         > >>
        >         > >> -Jason
        >         > >>
        >         > >> On Fri, Nov 4, 2016 at 10:10 AM, Chris Mattmann 
        > <>
        >         > >> wrote:
        >         > >>
        >         > >>> I have apmail karma and can add moderators.
        >         > >>>
        >         > >>> Jason I can add you - please confirm you would like to 
        > be added. Did
        >         > you
        >         > >>> file the ticket - if so point me to it. If you 
        > haven't yet, no worries
        >         > I
        >         > >>> can still add you. Let me know. Thanks.
        >         > >>>
        >         > >>>> On 2016-11-04 09:54 (-0700), Jason Brown 
        > <>
        >         > wrote:
        >         > >>>> Gary,
        >         > >>>>
        >         > >>>> I've just started looking into the moderator 
        > component due to this
        >         > >>> thread;
        >         > >>>> I admit I did not know about it before (my fault). 
        > Yes, I would like
        >         > to
        >         > >>> be
        >         > >>>> added. Apparently, I need to file an INFRA ticket 
        > (as per
        >         > >>>> 
        >         > >>> which
        >         > >>>> I will do in the next few minutes.
        >         > >>>>
        >         > >>>> -Jason
        >         > >>>>
        >         > >>>> On Fri, Nov 4, 2016 at 9:51 AM, Gary Dusbabek 
        > <>
        >         > >>> wrote:
        >         > >>>>
        >         > >>>>> I'm beginning to wonder if I'm the 
        > only one with moderator privs. Any
        >         > >>> other
        >         > >>>>> committer/PMCs interested?
        >         > >>>>>
        >         > >>>>> Sorry, it's a chore to begin with and 
        > I've been traveling this week.
        >         > >>>>>
        >         > >>>>> Gary.
        >         > >>>>>
        >         > >>>>> On Fri, Nov 4, 2016 at 3:47 PM, Chris Mattmann 
        > <>
        >         > >>>>> wrote:
        >         > >>>>>
        >         > >>>>>> Hi Folks,
        >         > >>>>>>
        >         > >>>>>> Kelly Sommers sent a message to 
        > dev@cassandra and I'm trying to
        >         > >>> figure
        >         > >>>>>> out if it's in moderation.
        >         > >>>>>>
        >         > >>>>>> Can the moderators speak up?
        >         > >>>>>>
        >         > >>>>>> Cheers,
        >         > >>>>>> Chris
        >         > >>>>>>
        >         > >>>>>>
        >         > >>>>>
        >         > >>>>
        >         > >>>
        >         > >>
        >         > >>
        >         >

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