I would like to sincerely thank you for the Mifos-Initiative. Based on
which We too have planned to help the unbanked.

While installing mifos in my ubuntu os, there were some queries that arose
which I am yet to find the answer besides surfing the internet for
exploring the same.

I have listed the queries. We would widely appreciate any sort of help in
the following:

1. Activating Active MQ - I have a basic insight what Active Mq is all
about enabling Java Messaging Service.  Is it mandatory to enable the same?
What difference would it make?

In Addition to the above, I am afraid whether this would affect Quartz
Runner because While debugging I get this message in Quartz Scheduler. I
have shared a debug note <> on the same.

2. I could not find the java class file which would trigger the Batch Jobs/
Scheduled Jobs in the system like Loan Ageing Arrear details jobs etc.
Could you help me locate the same?

3. Could you share any resources/procedure that will aid to Configure
multi-tenant architecture.

4. There are some gzip compression issues arising in the mifos17.07.01
release as a result of this, I could find issues in viewing Reports. Could
you help me to resolve the same.

Any Help in the aforementioned queries will be very delightful. Thanks a
ton in advance.
Warm Regards,
Abuthahir Sulaiman M.J.Y
Software Development Engineer | Habile Technologies | (O): +91 44 4202 0550

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