On 2017-07-06 14:54, Jacob Champion wrote:
> If I'm honest, my brutally blunt take on it is "stop using HTTP to try
> to emulate push notifications within a single response; pretty much
> everything in the ecosystem is actively working against you at this
> point; responses are designed to be cacheable and deliverable as a unit,
> not as multiple pieces; and we've had *real* solutions like WebSocket
> for five years now rabble rabble rabble." But I don't actually think
> that's going to be the accepted answer.

In a perfect world, I'm right there with you, but we've seen (as long as
technology has existed) that people twist the way how technology is
applied and used. It's hard to convince those people otherwise,
especially when most of the time it has been possible to get it to work
- somehow.

> It probably makes sense to work on a nonblocking architecture for
> proxied responses in general.

I'm not familiar with that particular code, but would be interested in
looking into it. Does anybody volunteer as a mentor?

  K. C.

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