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Betreff: Re: mod_proxy_fcgi and flush

Hi Jacob, Helmut!

2017-07-06 20:54 GMT+02:00 Jacob Champion 
On 07/06/2017 11:13 AM, Jim Jagielski wrote:
works 4 me...

Doesn't for me. E.g. with a script like


it takes 1 second to receive a single chunk with both lines in it.

From a quick skim I assume this is because we don't use nonblocking sockets in 
the proxy implementation. (There's even a note in mod_proxy_fcgi that says, 
"Yes it sucks to [get the actual data] in a second recv call, this will 
eventually change when we move to real nonblocking recv calls.")

Quick check from my side too, so not sure if it makes sense. IIUC the comment 
is about getting all the headers from the FCGI backend (get_data_full(..., 
AP_FCGI_HEADER_LEN)), then get the response body in another one (the [actual 

I checked mod_fcgi as Helmut suggested and it seems to me that the -flush 
feature is a simple "flush every data that you receive", so I tested the 
following patch with Jacob's php example code and it seems doing what Helmut 
asked (please correct me if I am wrong).

Caveat: I had to set output_buffering = Off in my php-fpm's php.ini config file.


Flushing unconditionally is a bad idea performance wise. Please have a look how 
ajp solved this issue:


Hint: The above diff contains further unrelated changes.



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