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> Hi,
> I think the Common's use of Slack is not a good match for "support".  
> Requiring an invitation is also an impediment to quickly asking questions.  
> Further Slack is proprietary, and also any discussion there won't be easily 
> found by Google.

I agree here. I deeply dislike that we use Slack for that. And Slack
is terrible for a11y, too.

> On the other hand we have these mailing lists, which are fine but they're 
> traditional mailing lists with all the tradeoffs there.
> I propose we shut down the user@ and dev@ lists and deploy a Discourse 
> instance, which is what the cool kids ;) are doing:
> https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/
> http://internals.rust-lang.org/
> etc.
> Discourse is IMO really nice because for people who want a mailing list it 
> can act like that, but for people who both want a modern web UI and most 
> importantly just want to drop in occasionally and not be committed to 
> receiving a stream of email, it works a lot better.  Also importantly to me 
> it's FOSS.
> I would also personally lean towards not using Slack too but I see that as a 
> separate discussion - it's real time, and that's a distinct thing from 
> discourse.  If we get a lot of momentum in our Discourse though over Slack we 
> can consider what to do later.

I would rather not see us move to Discourse for the mailing list
experience. I'd propose we upgrade to Mailman 3 with HyperKitty, as
other communities around us have done. The oVirt, Ceph, and Podman
communities already use it.

Fedora didn't shut down its users@ list when it deployed
discussions.fp.o. And adoption of Discourse in Fedora hasn't been very
high outside of the Silverblue/CoreOS bubble.

I'm not opposed to the idea of having an additional channel for user
support with Discourse on okd.io, though.

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