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Andrew Jensen wrote:
On Sun, Sep 5, 2010 at 7:16 AM, Jean-Baptiste Faure

 Le 05/09/2010 13:06, Jesús Corrius a écrit :
Hi Laurent,

I can't comment on the decision process, as I was not involved in it.
Someone else will have to comment on that.

The decision was well received by the community, as Paris is an
important and well communicated city. So it makes totally sense to
celebrate an international conference there.

Another point is who will work to make the conference possible. I
organized the conference in Barcelona, so I know is a huge amount of
work. The Catalan community, as always, will try to help the French
community in everything to make it possible.
What is "French Community" ? I only know NLC Francophone Project and it
is not involved in this decision.



Just to be clear
- the grahpic of course is a scrren capture from the uStream broadcast of
the conference closig remarks
- The tag line "Viva la .." was not from the conference attendees I just
added that to the pricture.

The phrase I thought I was adding was "long live the OpenOffic.org
community" and it was meant to refer to all of us not just Francophone
members - the fact that I tried (sorry if it's wrong) to put it in French
was, well it's about Paris. ?

There is no problem with your photo, thanks for it, it's great :) The correct form in French is Vive la communauté OpenOffice.org (you have to put communauté first ;). For those interested, the name of the people on the picture are from left to right : Peter Szakal, Don Harbison, Charles, Louis, Florian and Peter Junge.

Kind regards

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