Hi Jean-Baptiste,
Jean-Baptiste Faure wrote:
 Le 05/09/2010 13:06, Jesús Corrius a écrit :
Hi Laurent,

I can't comment on the decision process, as I was not involved in it.
Someone else will have to comment on that.

The decision was well received by the community, as Paris is an
important and well communicated city. So it makes totally sense to
celebrate an international conference there.

Another point is who will work to make the conference possible. I
organized the conference in Barcelona, so I know is a huge amount of
work. The Catalan community, as always, will try to help the French
community in everything to make it possible.
What is "French Community" ? I only know NLC Francophone Project and it
is not involved in this decision.

Francophone is a word that doesn't exist in English. Instead, it is translated as French-speaking (see http://www.babylon.com/definition/Francophone/English), this may be why Jesus speaks about the French community. I for myself use it also in French, but it's not correct.

Kind regards

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