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Le 5 sept. 2010 à 16:09, Sophie a écrit :

> Hi Jesus,
> Jesús Corrius wrote:
>> Hi Laurent,
>> I can't comment on the decision process, as I was not involved in it.
>> Someone else will have to comment on that.
>> The decision was well received by the community, as Paris is an
>> important and well communicated city. So it makes totally sense to
>> celebrate an international conference there.
>> Another point is who will work to make the conference possible. I
>> organized the conference in Barcelona, so I know is a huge amount of
>> work. The Catalan community, as always, will try to help the French
>> community in everything to make it possible.
> Thanks a lot for your proposal to help, this is very kind from the Catalan 
> community.

Thank you for your help, Jesus. I would like to stress that the Oracle 
Marketing Dept is really not part of the decision, and in fact, the decision 
was sort of taken on the spot. The idea of Paris had been floating around for 
some time, but nothing really serious had come out of it. But in Budapest, in 
the spur of action, and with Louis looking at me in the eyes as if he was my 
mother ("please! please!") I could not say no. I understand that the French 
leads were not being consulted, and I realize we could have taken this decision 
together. But what is done is done and I think this is in fact a good idea, 
aside the fact that I live in Paris and none of the leads live there. So let's 
work together if you can/will, and the worst risk is that in the end we'll show 
Paris is the best conference ever :-)



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