Jean-Baptiste Faure wrote on 2010-09-05 16.07:
The problem is only in the sentence "OpenOffice.org Conference 2011,
Paris France" and what this sentence really means. It means that
OpenOffice.org Community breaks its own rules. In these conditions I am
not sure we need a Community, the Oracle Marketing Department should be

let me say a few words on this.

First, I'm sorry for the short notice. In fact, as Charles said, it was indeed a short notice and idea for all of us, and I would have loved to involve the community much more at the beginning.

Honestly, two hearts have been in my breast - not announcing a next OOoCon venue could have been a bad sign as well, but announcing it without the community being involved first was also bad. We had to decide quickly, and ended up with announcing. No matter what we had chosen, someone would disagree.

Believe me that behind the scenes we have been working hard on finding a great location for 2011, but even with writing to all previous applicants, and approaching several possible organizers ourselves, there has been just *ONE* valid proposal, and that has been Paris. So, in the end, we would have come up with this nontheless, without voting, as there had been nothing to vote on. Skipping OOoCon for 2011 would be even worse, and I guess you all agree to that.

I agree that missing community vote is not a good choice, and it should stay an exception. However, as said, we had to decide quickly, and there had been no other valid proposal except Paris.

I'm sure you all will support Charles and the team for OOoCon 2011, and for 2012, I am sure we will go back to the "normal" way of finding a location. :-)


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