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> No, Electron is not involved so far, although it probably would work. On
> most of our supported platforms we have a "real" Java application talk to
> JavaScript via a Java-JavaScript Bridge. Similar to what you can do in a
> JavaFX application with the WebView, but with a nice typesafe API. One of
> the benefits is that we can make use of the full Java core APIs. The Vaadin
> example Java presumably is transpiled to js and limited to the very basic
> Java API GWT supports.

No, it's mainly a real Java application, with just the actual UI layer
display and interaction in JS/CEF. It's basically running both sides of a
Vaadin client/server web application locally via Electron. Rather
heavyweight way to do it, perhaps! On the other hand the open source
nature, active development and distribution framework of Electron make it
potentially an attractive option for mixed Java/HTML applications.

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