In any case this is too much traffic on the private mailing list.

I would understand Dennis' mail as a wake-up call how much it is currently and that there is an urgent need to turn down the number of mails.


Am 08/28/2015 11:58 PM, schrieb Phillip Rhodes:
So what, if anything, should we take away from this?  My (completely
superficial, naive and uninformed) feeling is that that is a LOT of traffic
on the "private" list.  But maybe not.  Anyway, is the idea here that there
should be less traffic on that list? More? The same?

I have to admit, I've been pretty dormant for a long-time, so I'm a little
out of touch with what's going on (gone on) here, but you have me intrigued
with this.


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On Fri, Aug 28, 2015 at 3:09 PM, Dennis E. Hamilton<>

 From an AOO PMC Member,

I have compiled a high-level traffic analysis of discussion activity on
the OpenOffice PMC private@ oo.a.o list.  These are *statistics* and
noisy ones at that.  I am looking for trends that are good-enough at this
level of precision.  It is in the nature of private@ that message content
and even the topics must be held in confidence.

This report of gross metrics is for the community's appraisal of current
state and later progress.  The movement of discussions to the community
when the confidentiality requirements for PMC discussion do not apply
should be seen in movements at this level.  Further reports over the course
of the year may provide an useful indicator.


This is a breakdown of the traffic in the 212 days from January through
July, 2015, by role of the sender.

         2015 | Private List Messages
    thru July | PMC  ASF  Other   All

       Totals  1145  182     31  1358
      Senders    22   23     23    68
   Per sender  52.0  7.9    1.3  20.0
      Per day   5.4  0.9    0.1   6.4

Of all the messages sent,

   84% are by members of the PMC,
   16% are by other ASF participants, and
   17% are by others.

The ASF participants include members of Apache Infrastructure, Officers of
the ASF, and other ASF Members and staff who make posts to the private
list.  The "Other" senders are members of the public and non-PMC Apache
OpenOffice contributors that raise questions or provide information to the
PMC via private@.

For the 1145 messages from the 22 PMC members who posted to the list so
far this year,

   49% of the messages are from the three
       PMC members who were the most vocal
       in the studied period.
   75% of the messages are from the seven
       most vocal.
   91% were from the most vocal 11 of the
       22 PMC members that posted.

I confess to being one of those top three posters.


A review of the same message archives, for January - July, 2015, tallied

      168 subjects discussed across 1341 posts,
          about 0.8 new topics per day.
            The variance of 17 from the first tally
          is negligible and will not be corrected.
          The raw data is available for auditing
          by the PMC.

      8.0 is the average number of messages on a
          single subject

       5% is the portion of the overall messages
          used in the longest thread, one with
          73 messages

      50% of the messages are on the 20 longest
          discussion threads.  The shortest thread
          in that group has 18 messages.

      75% of the messages are on the 50 longest
          discussions.  The shortest threads in
          that group have 8 messages.

      90% of the messages are on the 84 longest
          discussions (i.e., half of the
          threads).  The shortest threads in
          that group have 4 messages each.

      The remaining 10% consists of 84 threads
      having 3, 2, and 1 messages each.

This does not speak to the quality or the necessity of these messages and
any particular thread.  The PMC has detailed supporting data.

         [end of report]

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