On 09/03/2015 08:33 AM, Fernando Cassia wrote:
"After LibreOffice came out, Oracle released one version of Oracle Open
Office before deciding that the project wasn’t worth the effort
It laid off the programmers and gave the code and trademarks to the Apache
Software Foundation, under Apache’s liberal open source license."

That's one version of events. Another version of events is this.

"Shuttleworth has a fairly serious disagreement with how the
OpenOffice.org/LibreOffice split came about. He said that Sun made a $100
million "gift" to the community when it opened up the OpenOffice code. But
a "radical faction" made the lives of the OpenOffice developers "hell" by
refusing to contribute code under the Sun agreement. That eventually led to
the split, but furthermore led Oracle to finally decide to stop OpenOffice
development and lay off 100 employees."

That's different from "deciding it was not worth the effort".

Why the FUD on a dev list, anyway?

It's not FUD. It's a link to an article.

What would be awesome is if someone would write a counterpoint, which is non-confrontational, non-rageful, non-hateful, and non-reactionary, but just calmly presenting the reasons why someone might want to stay on OpenOffice.

Refuting the article on this list, where we all already know the story, is a good start, but if you could turn it into an article that's less political, more practical (features, community, timelines, and so on), that would actually help our cause. The person asking the original question doesn't care about politics, hurt feelings, and "radical factions", I guarantee. They want to know which product is better for them, now, and in the long term.


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