A little more on the importance of OpenOffice in the context of use in civil 

An example of advocacy-organization promotion of ODF-based documents and the 
primary implementations are presented can be found in the report linked at 

Download the PDF by using the link "Download the Open Document Format 
principles for Government Technology".

The more interesting material is on the 4th page of the document (3rd 
double-page of the PDF) under "Application choices" and then "Variations 
between applications."  Note the positioning and importance of Apache 
OpenOffice in that presentation as one of the three "full" ODF 1.2 

Note the inclusion of Apache OpenOffice among the supporters on the last page.

I am not going to remark on the technical exaggerations an deficiencies in this 
piece.  The point is how Apache OpenOffice is positioned with other software 
and that this is a promotion of governmental use of software supporting ODF 1.2.

 - Dennis

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2015-09-03 17:48 GMT+02:00 Dennis E. Hamilton <dennis.hamil...@acm.org>:
> PS: On the interoperable-use challenge lurking in the article,
> The historical business was too long and not so meaningful to user needs
> compared to the -- important for us -- slow but steady divergence of the
> two OpenOffice.org descendants not so much in features and release cadence
> but core functions around format conversion/interchange.  That divergence
> is eroding common support for the ODF format and OOXML interchange (i.e.,
> functioning in a world where Microsoft Office documents cannot be
> ignored).  Incompatibilities at that level impede interoperable
> multi-product and cross-platform use where that is important.

I believe this is an issue that is underestimated at the moment. Few Public
Administrations - or more likely smart sales people pointing them in that
direction - are already taking advantage of that to justify their decisions
to go back to MSFT.

The whole OOo ecosystem is at risk because of the present situation, and I
believe we should make an effort to figure out if someone from our
community could join the upcoming ODF Plugfest and talk to the people. If
we can't fix the overall asymmetry of ODF-Support we are at big risk.

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