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First, I totally agree with Andrea, let's focus on what needs to be done,
it's inappropriate at best to discuss anything related to the shutdown at
this time. Yet if someone enjoys the exercise of style that's ok, but
please don't ask people doing the work to stop doing the right thing for
engaging in this game. Enough said.

Second, as Michael says we need more developers. When I was at SourceForge
we have been often able to help projects here and there to find more
developers, I'm confident Dave Brondsema (Apache Allura VP) can help us to
get one or more calls out via forums, blog and newsletters.

On the same line we could ask some help to get the news out via Slashdot, I
guess at the end of the day after all the blame it would be a news to let
people know the community is still there, and some how growing. As far as
we're ok with the Slashdot style of communication, we would probably have
good chance to be covered.

On Friday, 2 September 2016, Jörg Schmidt <joe...@j-m-schmidt.de> wrote:

> Hello,
> > From: Dr. Michael Stehmann [mailto:anw...@rechtsanwalt-stehmann.de
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> > the situation as I see it (I am no developer) is, that we need
> > "developers, developers, developers, developers ... ".
> > [...]
> This is not wrong, but ...
> Developers will participate primarily in projects which remain publicly
> well.
> If we look at LibreOffice and compare:
> LibreOffice, that is *good* (not more) software and *excellent* public
> relations.
> OpenOffice, that is *exellent* software and *pretty bad* public relations.
> We need to understand evaluate software as the normal user: their first
> scale is essential to public presentation of a software, and only
> secondarily the purely technical characteristics of a software.
> We need to understand the difference between a software such as the Apache
> Webserver https://httpd.apache.org/ (a software for experts) and
> OpenOffice (a software for end users).
> The problem of AOO is a Specific:
> many people who have worked for OOo (.org!) done their way and OOo has
> accepted the results and the work integrated into the project.
> The operation of Apache is too formalistic for such people, for example,
> for the local German community of OpenOffice. At the time of OpenOffice.org
> many helpers did their part, because there were few organizational hurdles.
> Example:
> I have been working for many years for the PrOOo-box (
> http://www.prooo-box.org), at the very beginning was that a purely
> private project, BUT it was always a project to support OpenOffice.
> The community of OOo has recognized this and has the PrOOo-box as part of
> OpenOffice accepted (more precisely, as part of the German community of OO).
> In Apache, however we are only "third-party". No question, the
> classification as "third-party" is formally correct, because it conforms to
> the rules of Apache, but it inhibits the practical work.
> *It is urgently needed to give local communities more autonomy, which
> would forward the work.*
> Let me say for my own:
> I work more than 10 years for OpenOffice (.org and Apache) and I am all
> the time loyal to OpenOffice. I am now a committer of Apache, and of course
> I respect the rules of Apache ... BUT in practice, there are task where you
> have to act, and it is not always time to comply with formalities.
> example:
> Last month, the PrOOo-box was published in a large German IT magazine [1].
> This was a great success for the PrOOo-box. I would have preferred if it
> had been a success for OpenOffice.
> What i mean?
> We (the german community, and all local communities) need the opportunity
> to speak locally for OpenOffice. It is undisputed that this must be
> coordinated with the international Apache OpenOffice community, but this
> coordination can only be done in the form of a frame, not for every single
> little action, because we have no time for the coordination of every detail.

> Having been part of OOo in the old times I remember well the local
> chapters, wonder if that would really collide with the Apache way, though.
> Speak locally not only should be possible, but also praised. I understand
> the "third party" thing might be more complex to handle, still we could
> evalute on a case by case basis what we could do. Even if it takes time,
> maybe it's not a waste of it.

> Roberto

> Greetings
> Jörg
> [1]
> https://www.idgshop.de/PC-WELT-Plus-09-2016.htm?
> websale8=idg&pi=1-6058&ci=2-5278
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