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> > What alternative do you see?
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> There's no particular reason that I can see, that AOO shouldn't be able
> to
> produce secure software, issue releases and
> do all of those other things.  We've done it in the past (and yeah, I
> feel
> guilty about saying "we" since I haven't been very active. Mea culpa),
> and
> it's not like the project caught bubonic plague or something.  Yeah, I
> know
> a lot of people prefer to contribute to LO and not AOO, and that losing
> the
> people IBM was paying was a big hit.   But I can't help but think
> there's a
> way to get more people involved and contributing here.  So I'd rather
> see
> discussion around "how do we attract additional
> contributors (or fix whatever other problems we have)?"  than talk about
> a
> "retirement plan."  I really do think that if people start putting a lot
> of
> energy into that, it will rob even more energy from the project.
> Or maybe there are other options that could be considered, even if only
> as
> interim steps.  Somebody mentioned something about a problem making Mac
> releases. OK fine, let's drop Mac support for now.  Maybe that frees up
> some energy for other things.  OK, radical suggestion and probably won't
> be
> met with a lot of support, but the point is to say, let's think outside
> the
> box a little and see if there are some other ideas we could adopt.

I think you will be heartened that there is just such an effort underway and 
many think that will be the answer.

Are you one of those who can "put a lot of energy into it?"  Do you know where 
you'd direct that energy to come up with likely candidates for becoming more 

With regard to interim steps, it is striking to realize that, as low as the 
MacOSX population is, it is almost double our Linux user base [;<).

> Phil

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