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> Wow, just wow.  I have to say, I think even broaching this topic is a
> mistake.  "Self-fulfilling prophecy"? Not even that, it'll be a "3rd
> party
> fulfilling prophecy" as soon as this hits the press.  There are a lot of
> people out there who seem to have it in for AOO and have for a while...
> now
> you *know* there will be a headline appearing in the next week, reading
> "Apache OpenOffice Mulls Retirement" or "AOO Begins To Wind Down", etc.
> Yeah, it's crappy journalism, but it's almost 100% certain to happen.
> And
> that's just going to dampen enthusiasm even more.
> I wish I could say I had a magic bullet of an answer for how to get
> things
> moving again, but I don't.  But I don't think opening a discussion about
> retirement and giving AOO's enemies more ammunition is a strong tactical
> move.

You're right Phil, it is not meant to be a tactical (or even strategic) move in 
some sort of adversarial situation.

How else can we work through these difficulties, and understand our options as 
a community?  

Being a project of the Apache Software Foundation brings with it some rather 
unique requirements for operation in the public interest and operating in the 
open with our community, including the public that relies on Apache OpenOffice 

I don't know any way to accomplish that in a way that outsiders can't spin 
however they like.  We need the engagement and many eyes and thoughts of our 
community, as reflected here on dev@.  

What alternative do you see?

> Phil
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> On Thu, Sep 1, 2016 at 7:37 PM, Dennis E. Hamilton <orc...@apache.org>
> wrote:
> > Here is what a careful retirement of Apache OpenOffice could look
> like.
> >
> >               A. PERSPECTIVE
> >                  1. Code Base
> >                  3. Development Support
> >                  4. Public-Project Community Interfaces
> >                  5. Social Media Presence
> >                  6. Project Management Committee
> >                  7. Branding
> >
[ ... ] >

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