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[ ... ]
> > I would like to see every possible medium used to present one message:
> > "AOO is at serious risk of dying, unless we get more volunteer
> > developers, especially C++ programmers."
> >
> > I know we need other skills as well, but I don't want to dilute or
> > complicate that message.
> >
> > I would like a special mailing list recruitm...@openoffice.apache.org,
> > just for signing up and organizing new developers. No need for them to
> > start with dev@, especially the less experienced developers. Just send
> > an e-mail to recruitment@
> [orcmid]
> We can, of course, add a mailing list.  That does mean we need
> moderators and we also need someone to watch the list and figure out
> what to do with the offers.
> Something we can easily do already [as well], and we have not acted on
> it, is add the ASF Help Wanted widget in a number of places.  We can
> then populate the database the Widget uses with specific requests for
> assistance on Apache OpenOffice.  The benefit is that (1) these can be
> focused tasks, (2) the Help Wanted will also be visible in other places
> among the Help Wanted from other projects, and (3) the Help Wanted item
> provides enough properties about skill requirements and nature of the
> task, as well as a link to details that help the interested volunteer
> find details enough to decide how to contribute.
> Addition of the help-wanted widget can be done immediately.
> I have another promised activity for this US Holiday weekend, but I will
> dig into that too.

I figured out how to add the widget to the orange box on the Download page.  It 
does not fit will with that.

I think it is best to have the AOO Help Wanted Widget on a page of its own.

It could be linked to by other pages, where its list of help-wanted tasks can 
be lengthy.

I am going to stop looking into that for now.

>  - Dennis

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