> If you excuse the comment from an outsider, I suggest the question you
> need to answer is: What can Apache OpenOffice offer that related
> projects like LibreOffice cannot?

That's a good question.  The one obvious thing, which matters to some
people, but not others, is "be licensed under the ALv2".

>From a feature standpoint, I don't think there is anything we can do that
somebody else couldn't do - in principle.   However, different projects can
evolve in different directions based on the choices made by the
developers.  What I'd like to see AOO do a bit (and I hope to help with
some of this) is to develop tighter integration with the "big data" world,
which largely revolves around the ASF anyway.  This obviously applies
mainly to Calc.  But there, I'd like to see easier and more direct ways to
share data between Calc and, say, a Spark cluster, or Impala, etc.   I'd
also like to see more in the way of accessing external API's and using 3rd
party languages like R.  Integration with Arrow is something that could be
interesting.   And something that was talked about a while back, but I
think went largely unfulfilled, was the idea of adding more "social"
integration into AOO.  I'd still like to see us do some things there.

Now if any of that came to fruition, it's possible that other projects like
LO might simply choose to integrate those features into their codebase
(which they're welcome to do).  But maybe they'll decide their interests
are elsewhere and choose not to.  Who knows?


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