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Something we can easily do already [as well], and we have not acted
it, is add the ASF Help Wanted widget in a number of places.  We can
then populate the database the Widget uses with specific requests for
assistance on Apache OpenOffice.  The benefit is that (1) these can
focused tasks, (2) the Help Wanted will also be visible in other
among the Help Wanted from other projects, and (3) the Help Wanted
provides enough properties about skill requirements and nature of the
task, as well as a link to details that help the interested volunteer
find details enough to decide how to contribute.

Addition of the help-wanted widget can be done immediately.

I have another promised activity for this US Holiday weekend, but I
dig into that too.

I figured out how to add the widget to the orange box on the Download
page.  It does not fit will with that.

you don't need to figure this out on your own. You can ask me how it
works. It would be much faster and more efficient. ;-)

I think it is best to have the AOO Help Wanted Widget on a page of its

The widget points already to a webpage to its own [1]. We just need a
point to this webpage and the text on the download page fits good for
this purpose. We could add this on the main webpage, too.

Of course we can also think about changes to the "get-involved" webpage
[1] to hightlight better the need for more devs.

It could be linked to by other pages, where its list of help-wanted
tasks can be lengthy.

I am going to stop looking into that for now.

Sure, the idea behind the text can be changed how it should work or act
to have a different effect. However, why do you think it is not working
like it is now? Any points to reasons?



I wanted to train myself and one way is to look at the code.  It helped me 
understand the way that the localization is handled in the .js JavaScripts that 
the web site depends so much on.  I wanted to discern the principles and then 
keep faith with them.

  1. With regard to the widget, I was able to add it to the Orange "Help 
Wanted" block on a test version of the English/default download page (the only page 
that has it on the live site).  The reason that I did not propose it is the widget does 
not look good that way.  A better widget using the current source of the data would be 
needed.  That becomes a more-involved dev-community activity and I was not prepared to go 
there.  Also, help-wanted widget is still experimental and we might run into maintenance 
issues as there is more development of the widget.

  2. The current widget (obtained from can be customized to show just 
"openoffice" items.  I added one to confirm that works.  However, it appears that the 
widget does the equivalent of "show me everything" which is why it should be on a 
separate page.  The list could become rather long.

We could also have a page that works more like the page, 
but about Apache openoffice only, adding a link to the helpwanted.a.o for folks 
who want to know about helpwanted-tasks for all ASF projects.  Before we do any 
of that, we need to populate helpwanted.a.o with more OpenOffice tasks.

  3. I did look at putting something on the 
current<>  page.

Although it is right there in the link, I kept looking for it on  My error.  That 
explains why ooo-site does not have any get-involved/participate page with the "Diese Seite in 
Deutsch" line and the sentence " Although many are content to make a small donation to 
support Apache OpenOffice and the Apache Software Foundation (we appreciate every contribution), 
some users want to get more involved and volunteer their time and expertise with the project."

Is this a hack on<>  to break out of the localization model and link 
"I want to participate in OpenOffice" to what we call the project 

I don't understand your question. This exists since, hm, I don't know when, maybe ever.

It also creates a special island where certain kinds of task are recruited from the German Language community, with a separate dev-de@ list. That separation puzzles me.

This is not a special thing. It's just a translation of the English "get_involved" webpage.

I'm sorry but I still don't know what you really want to do.


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