Am 09/02/2016 06:25 PM, schrieb Patricia Shanahan:
On 9/2/2016 7:59 AM, Phillip Rhodes wrote:
OK, counter-point to the other thread... let's talk specifically about
needs to happen next, given that some (plenty|most|all|???) of us want
project to
continue moving forward.

What has to happen next? What is the most important thing/things we could
working on? What could I do *right now* to help move things in a positive

How can we attract more developers? How do we counter the FUD that is
already being promulgated in response to the "retirement" discussion?

The "other thread" is actually liberating. Let's go public with the risk
that AOO will be shut down, despite the wishes and best efforts of its
remaining developers.

I would like to see every possible medium used to present one message:
"AOO is at serious risk of dying, unless we get more volunteer
developers, especially C++ programmers."

I know we need other skills as well, but I don't want to dilute or
complicate that message.

I would like a special mailing list,
just for signing up and organizing new developers. No need for them to
start with dev@, especially the less experienced developers. Just send
an e-mail to recruitment@

The message should go out every way it can:
OpenOffice forums
Press release

We should also strengthen the current download page appeal for
developers to state the risk of shut down.

if you have some more ideas let me know. This is a point we can get quite quickly published.


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