Marcus schreef op 04-09-2016 11:09:

you don't need to figure this out on your own. You can ask me how it
works. It would be much faster and more efficient. ;-)

How common is not that experience ;-).

For some reason in Linux (or in general) we assume or we are given reasons to believe that people will not answer our calls when we ask for help, and we do ask for help (often in frustration) people send us into the woods or say that we need to find the answer on our own (for instance by reading help pages better) and so we assume and regret the fact that it is unlikely a question will simply be answered.

So we plough on in despair and work hard to find the answer that someone else already has (but sometimes refuses to give ;-)). And then when someone says "you can just ask" we are flabbergasted because most of the time we are told the opposite....

How strange a gesture of friendliness in this world.

How strange a gesture of friendliness.

But I suggest you do not focus solely on acquiring more volunteers or workers or developers.

What you need is to put forth a vision that will attract those people. Do not try to attract them yourself, let the vision attract them.

After all, you seek to inspire those people right? Inspiration is like the opposite of transpiration: it gives energy. Maybe it is the opposite of expiration.... you don't want the project to expire, so you need to inspire people.

I mean, start by positioning Apache OpenOffice in a way that gives it new life.

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