On 20/10/2016 19:05, Marcus wrote:
Am 10/20/2016 02:48 AM, schrieb Damjan Jovanovic:
Also what happened to 4.2.0-dev in the "Latest confirmation in:"  field?

do we want to have dev-builds in this field? These builds are changing day for day when using the install files from the build bots.

So if someone does use a master build (currently 4.2.0) and finds a bug which version should be reported? If people are not supposed to report bugs for daily builds what is the point of having them uploaded to a public server? If the goal of the buildbots is only to test if it is buildable, then they only need to report success/failure.

Actually they are not changing daily... There hasn't been a successful daily build (at least for Windows) for over a month (master or 4.1.x)

IMHO it doesn't make sense to be able to choose them as we then need to ask everytime: Which x.y.z-dev version has been used?

People using daily builds are wise enough to report the Rev number (that is why it is a selectable text in the About dialog). Day-to-day users don't care about unstable daily builds and wouldn't install them anyway.

Just my 2 cents.

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