> From: suhail ansari [mailto:iamsuhailans...@outlook.com] 

>   My name is Suhail and I have some suggestions for 
> OpenOffice community.
> OpenOffice is very popular and it attracts large number of 
> downloads. My suggestion is that Apache software foundation 
> should talk to the document foundation and ask them to merge 
> their foundation with Apache software foundation because 


The original does not have to speak with the fork. 
I will never forget how often LO members of OO have spoken badly.

> Apache is world's biggest open source software foundation and 
> if the document foundation joins Apache then we can have one 
> product (OpenOffice).


I am only a committer, but I will never agree. If the TDF join the ASF I will
leave the ASF.

> It 
> will be good for both ASF and the document foundation to work 
> together.

But not good for the quality of the product OpenOffice. We can see at LO every 
what is the hurried development for the quality.


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