it is impossible, because the LO license is LGPL+MPL, that can't be
merged in OpenOffice.
The single way is that OpenOffice can merge in LibreOffice, more exactly
the OpenOffice.org is redirected to LibreOffice.org, because the OO code
is outdated compared with LO code.
The LibreOffice brand now is more popular than OpenOffice, and some
other facts: LibreOffice have few hundred new features that OO don't
have, LibreOffice have a cloud suit (LibreOffice Online) etc.
You can compare the development trends:
https://www.openhub.net/p/openoffice (include webpage and wiki)
https://www.openhub.net/p/libreoffice (only application code)

Based on financial reports, TDF has income equal to Apache Foundation,
and TDF spend all money to LibreOffice, but Apache only a little part
from their income spend for OO.

2017. 01. 10. 20:43 keltezéssel, suhail ansari írta:
> Hi,
>   My name is Suhail and I have some suggestions for OpenOffice community.
> OpenOffice is very popular and it attracts large number of downloads. My 
> suggestion is that Apache software foundation should talk to the document 
> foundation and ask them to merge their foundation with Apache software 
> foundation because Apache is world's biggest open source software foundation 
> and if the document foundation joins Apache then we can have one product 
> (OpenOffice). The ASF has many popular open source software products like 
> hadoop, tomcat, OpenOffice etc. It will be good for both ASF and the document 
> foundation to work together.
> Suhail Ansari

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