Hi -

Thanks Peter for driving this topic. I don’t think we all agree, but we can (a) 
try to advance our project organization and (b) acknowledge how we are using 
the many tools we already use.

> On Feb 12, 2018, at 1:15 PM, Peter Kovacs <pe...@apache.org> wrote:
> On 10.02.2018 13:26, Marcus wrote:
>> Therefore let me summarize:
>> - Use BZ for the development work (e.g, fixing a specific bug).
>> - Work in Jira for the project tasks and technical coordination (e.g.,
>>   Windows signing).
>> - Use Confluence for project work and as documentation base.
>> - Take the Agile Board functions in Jira if it fits for us.
>> - Also we can see what we need to do to claim "We are working along
>>   Kanban rules".
> ok, lets try this.
> However I think we should keep an eye on bandwith needs. That is a good point 
> from Damjan. We are not only a first world thing. We are for everyone and 
> everyone that is willing should have a chance to participate.
> I have seen also in the discussion that we would like to support other Open 
> Source Projects if we can. We should therefor concider that Jira is only a 
> intermediate solution, to be used until we have a replacement in Bugzilla.
> Do you agree with my observation?

(1) Bug/Issue Trackers available from the ASF.
(a) Bugzilla - OpenOffice has a dedicated instance as does SpamAssassin while 
many projects share a third.
(b) JIRA - Atlassian has provided a free license to the ASF. Not all plugins 
may be available. If one is missing then it will need negotiation.

(2) Wikis available from the ASF.
(a) MediaWiki. This wiki is supported by the AOO PMC and came over as a legacy 
from OpenOffice.org.
(b) Confluence. (Again Atlassian provided free license) This is hosted by the 
ASF and the project has two available for organizing various tasks. We used 
these pretty extensively during migration to organize work.
(c) MoinMoin. Also hosted by the ASF - a more old school wiki. Used by the 
Incubator and others.

>> PS:
>> I just wantot repeat a sentence from above:
>> I'm not totally pro or contra your proposal. I just want to express my 
>> opinion why not everything you've proposed is fitting for us.
> My priority is to get a better overview of what needs to be done and that we 
> work better together, so we have a better chance in including new people.
> I will have an eye on topics what volunteers need. I am looking forward that 
> we break those eggs one after another together.

My suggestion is to use tools we already have. A wiki seems correct to me. I 
would suggest Confluence, but that is my personal preference. We already have 
tools deployed. I think we just need to manage a table from time to time. 
Periodically we can “Scrum” on dev@ over the status.

> I think I did this one wrong, because I started of what I would like to do 
> and got into a confrontation role, which I did not want to. Tooling and Scrum 
> Framework was not in my center of my goals but It was very important in the 
> discussion.
> I am a real slow and bad learner. I hope no one takes this personal. I am 
> imaptioned. I apologies to myself and to all others for my uttelress 
> clumsyness.

Nothing to forgive since you are proceeding with a rational discussion. So we 
are clear you are looking to have a high/medium level overview of tasks and 
status towards goals. I think this can be a table in a wiki.

> I thank you all for the open discussion and the shown courage to speak up. I 
> believe that these are values that make us work together. Even without Scrum. 
> ;) I hope maybe that others are inspired by this and speak up to.
> You are all Welcome!

Bitte! (Did I use that correctly?)


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