Am 12.02.2018 um 22:15 schrieb Peter Kovacs:
On 10.02.2018 13:26, Marcus wrote:

Therefore let me summarize:

- Use BZ for the development work (e.g, fixing a specific bug).
- Work in Jira for the project tasks and technical coordination (e.g.,
  Windows signing).
- Use Confluence for project work and as documentation base.
- Take the Agile Board functions in Jira if it fits for us.
- Also we can see what we need to do to claim "We are working along
  Kanban rules".
ok, lets try this.


However I think we should keep an eye on bandwith needs. That is a good point from Damjan. We are not only a first world thing. We are for everyone and everyone that is willing should have a chance to participate. I have seen also in the discussion that we would like to support other Open Source Projects if we can. We should therefor concider that Jira is only a intermediate solution, to be used until we have a replacement in Bugzilla.
Do you agree with my observation?

Sure, we can try to participate in other projects. However, I thing we have much to do in our own project.

I just wantot repeat a sentence from above:

I'm not totally pro or contra your proposal. I just want to express my opinion why not everything you've proposed is fitting for us.
My priority is to get a better overview of what needs to be done and that we work better together, so we have a better chance in including new people. I will have an eye on topics what volunteers need. I am looking forward that we break those eggs one after another together.

I think I did this one wrong, because I started of what I would like to do and got into a confrontation role, which I did not want to. Tooling and Scrum Framework was not in my center of my goals but It was very important in the discussion. I am a real slow and bad learner. I hope no one takes this personal. I am imaptioned. I apologies to myself and to all others for my uttelress clumsyness.

Don't worry too much. Many proposals need to be discussed before coming to a common understanding - and an agreement.

Thanks for starting this discussion and to try to improve the project with new ideas.

I thank you all for the open discussion and the shown courage to speak up. I believe that these are values that make us work together. Even without Scrum. ;) I hope maybe that others are inspired by this and speak up to.
You are all Welcome!

One good thing in Scrum is: fail fast (do something and stop when it's not working before wasting more money/time).

So, let's try to implement some ideas and watch closely if it's worth the effort.

What do you think is the first topic we should start with?


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