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> I did read the README file, but this seems to be a catch-22 here. if it
> uses osm.xml itself to generate osm.xml - how do you initially create
> the first osm.xml, from the style sheets / templates?
> The osm.xml file is a bit confusing in this scenario. You can see that the
osm.xml file that came along with Mapnik is not the dataset, rather, it
contains certain rules which support the rendering of tiles. You are
actually loading the map data into the pgsql db and asking * *or* *to generate the image or set of
tiles as the case may be.

If you want to make some modifications in the styles and fonts for the
rendering, you could tweak this rule file.
Also note that, Mapnik does not intend you to give the data in xml format,
but it reads the data only from the pgsql database.

The following link contains pointers to setting up Mapnik and basic rules
file modifications

this helps

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