On 27-8-2010 15:58, Ákos Maróy wrote:

Maybe I'm misunderstanding the generic purpose of the generate_xml.py
file from the mapnik rendering toolset, but for me, it does not seem to
touch my osm.xml file in any way.

That's correct.

when I execute generate_xml.py with appropriate database setttings,
osm.xml is not changed in any way. if I remove osm.xml, it is not
generated by the gall to generate_xml.py in any way.

What does happen when you run generate_xml.py is that three files are created (or updated) in the inc directory. They are: datasource-settings.xml.inc, fontset-settings.xml.inc, settings.xml.inc

Some guides still give a syntax like:

generate_xml.py my_osm.xml <other stuff>

But that's needed only in rare cases where you actually want it to create a monolithic copy of the entire mapnik style. my_osm.xml would then be composed of osm.xml and all include files from the inc directory.

Normally, you use generate_xml.py to set the contents of the three files I mentioned earlier, and then point your map generating script or app to osm.xml. Through XML parsing, osm.xml will dynamically include the contents of the files in the inc directory.

Synching the stylesheet to OSM SVN is then only a matter of running svn up. You only need generate_xml.py again if you change any of the settings, or if a new setting was introduced (in the .template files in the inc directory).

am I misunderstanding that generate_xml.py would actually create osm.xml
based on the contents of the PostGIS database it connects to, and based
on the templates in the inc directory?

osm.xml does not contain geographic data. It contains the stylesheet that tells mapnik how to render geo data that you load into the postgis db with osm2pgsql.


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