> What does happen when you run generate_xml.py is that three files are
> created (or updated) in the inc directory. They are:
> datasource-settings.xml.inc, fontset-settings.xml.inc, settings.xml.inc

thanks for the info - now I see that.

> Some guides still give a syntax like:
> generate_xml.py my_osm.xml <other stuff>
> But that's needed only in rare cases where you actually want it to
> create a monolithic copy of the entire mapnik style. my_osm.xml would
> then be composed of osm.xml and all include files from the inc directory.
> Normally, you use generate_xml.py to set the contents of the three files
> I mentioned earlier, and then point your map generating script or app to
> osm.xml. Through XML parsing, osm.xml will dynamically include the
> contents of the files in the inc directory.

unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case.

what I'm trying to achieve is to include my own <Style> and <Layer>
element in the osm.xml file. my hope was that if I create an
inc/layer-foo.xml.inc file with my <Style> and <Layer> definition (just
like the others there), and list my .xml.inc in inc/layers.xml.inc, than
my stuff would be included, just as the others.

but, it seems osm.xml already has the contents the 'stock' xml.inc files
literally included. what I was looking for is a way to re-create osm.xml
with the updated inc/layers.xml.inc, so that my stuff would be included too.

this would be an elegant solution.

now what I'm left with is to manually add my <Style> and <Layer>
definition into osm.xml.


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