>I'd like to read thoughts from others in the team. 

This is a really good idea, Carlos!
If I understand you right you'd like to say that we want to publish a post
every two weeks and because we're about 10 to 15 people who will contribute
this means that anybody of us has to write an article approx every 6
And you want us to manage the scheduling of the blog posts by using the
google calendar?

>Below the source code, we should have the result displayed in an iframe. 

Another suggestion:
Peter de Haan posts always contain some simple explanations.
Regarding the "Hello world" post, I think it would be interesting for people
to learn something about the code, e.g. for what is
"js:SimpleCSSValuesImpl", "js:initialView" and "js:View" needed.
Maybe it makes sense to link something to the docs or to add some simple

I'll check out the google calendar...


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