> On Mar 13, 2018, at 1:48 PM, Carlos Rovira <carlosrov...@apache.org> wrote:
> Cause I'm dealing with this since 2016 with MDL?, if this is not enough
> experience and time with an API, don't know what should I do to reflect
> that is the part of Royale where I always move and maybe have the most
> experience. I had to solve the problems that recently was solved by Alex
> with themes in MDL when I reported it almost 2 years ago and finaly where a
> bug, but at that time wasn't.

What specifically are you referring to here? What problem are you trying to 
solve by changing the way class lists are handled?

>> The general rule with live collections in general is to avoid them when
>> possible. Collections need to be resolved which adds overhead. The less
>> interactions with a DOM, the better. Native JS is almost always going to
>> more efficient than browser/DOM APIs.
> That's true, and I adhere to that mantra most of the times, but in this
> case I think it's better, since:
> -Users will have a more easy way to do things (and that's one of the things
> flex did really good)

Can you give me an example where this makes a difference to users? (What “this” 
are you referring to?)

> -If there's an impact in performance, my guess is that will be minimal (but
> can ensure since I don't have the data)

I understood that your point was performance, so I’m confused.

Maybe a list of the issues you are struggling with might help me understand 
better what you are trying to accomplish. (and allow me to help)


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