Stefan Seifert wrote
> in [1] oliver mentioned that the current java package name is not 
> consistent/not ideal.
> currently wie use
> o.a.s.contextaware.config  => "highlevel configuration API"
> o.a.s.contextaware.config.resource  => "lowlevel resource API"
> bertrand and myself noted that the package name should included 
> "contextaware" somewhere, using only is too 
> generic/misleading.
> so, what should we use?
> a) keep o.a.s.contextaware.config + o.a.s.contextaware.config.resource
> b) switch to o.a.s.contextawareconfig + o.a.s.contextawareconfig.resource to 
> get rid of the additional dot that is a bit inconsistent
> c) switch to o.a.s.configuration + o.a.s.configuration.resource which is 
> misleading as it applies only to context-aware config
> d) other proposals?
> i hope we find a consensus in the next hours... or we just stick with a)
As noted in the other thread, my proposal would be:

o.a.s.contextaware.config, o.a.s.contextaware.resource,

So similar to a) but with moving resource one level down.

Just to make it more difficult to decide....

a) or b) are good as well

The important point is that we don't use "configuration" as this is
confusing and separate the resource part from the settings (config).


Carsten Ziegeler
Adobe Research Switzerland

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