Mattias Engdegård wrote on Wed, 07 Mar 2018 16:35 +0100:
> The gettext manual recommends:
>   Translatable strings should be limited to one paragraph; don’t let a single
>   message be longer than ten lines. The reason is that when the translatable
>   string changes, the translator is faced with the task of updating the entire
>   translated string. Maybe only a single word will have changed in the English
>   string, but the translator doesn’t see that (with the current translation
>   tools), therefore she has to proofread the entire message.

There is no reason the translator should have to re-read the entire message.
If a translator translated rN fully and now HEAD == rM, the translator should 
'diff -r N:M' to see how the message changed.

That's the basic idea.  A more elaborate idea would be:

1. Extract English strings from rN
2. Extract English strings from rM
3. Display a wdiff3 of (old = rN, theirs = rM, mine = the po file).

.... as I described last year:

I think the above workflow makes a lot more sense than paragraph-wise 



P.S. I'm genuinely curious to know why the gettext manual doesn't
     recommend this approach already.  Version  control predates
     gettext, doesn't it?

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