Daniel Shahaf wrote:
Mattias Engdegård wrote on Wed, 07 Mar 2018 16:35 +0100:
The gettext manual recommends:
   Translatable strings should be limited to one paragraph; [...]

There is no reason the translator should have to re-read the entire message.
3. Display a wdiff3 of (old = rN, theirs = rM, mine = the po file).

.... as I described last year: 

I think the above workflow makes a lot more sense than paragraph-wise 
P.S. I'm genuinely curious to know why the gettext manual doesn't
      recommend this approach already.  Version  control predates
      gettext, doesn't it?

When a translator tells me what we need to do to "make life for translators somewhat bearable" I am inclined to prioritize that. It is simple to do and costs us little and apparently is important in real life. In other words it is important for the Subversion project.

My technical sympathies are with the arguments about how a better solution can be built on version control and word-wise diff tools, but I do not want us to refuse to comply with the simple solution while we are waiting for the better solution to be in widespread use.

Therefore I plan to go ahead, if there are no strong objections.

- Julian

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