Mattias Engdegård wrote:
Julian Foad wrote:
Now let's see what follow-up we need.

Can you try it and see if it seems to be working, Mattias?

Done, and it seems to work well. Some observations:

Glad to hear it, and thanks for reporting these observations.

* As expected, lots of work to split the translated messages, although having a 
mostly up-to-date translation helped a great deal.

I am still concerned that some other translators might be less willing to do this without some automated help.

* The split into separate messages was done at empty line boundaries 
throughout, but for very short paragraphs (1-2 lines), it would have been more 
helpful to bunch a few of them together in order to get better context.

* Conversely, some strings are still on the longish side. "svn propset" and "svn 
status" come to mind.

For these issues of paragraph length, I invite you to edit the source text directly and make it nice.

* I found a paragraph that I had previously forgot to translate! Buried deep in 
the svn merge help, of course.

* stats() in shelf-cmd.c isn't very translator-friendly:

     info_str = apr_psprintf(scratch_pool,
                           _("%s, %s ago%s\n"),
                           version_str, age_str, paths_str);

   which is hard to translate well in several languages. At the very least, sink the 
"ago" part into age_str ("%d hours ago" etc). Speaking of which, the generation 
of age_str would benefit from using gettext plurals. That's what it's there for!

OK, done throughout 'shelve-cmd.c' in and 'auth-cmd.c' in . I invite you to do the same in other files.

* Normally, I only translate directly in the release branches and copy the 
result to trunk. Translating trunk normally doesn't make sense at all, since 
only developers use that code; it would just be a waste of time. In this case, 
I decided to complete the translation in trunk as well, not just for the 
paragraph split, to make sure that I hadn't overlooked anything.


- Julian

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