Am 01.10.19 um 16:55 schrieb Stephen John Smoogen:
Then there are problems with budgets and figuring out what exactly it
would cost. We fall outside of many of the 'caveats' that would allow
us to get free.

IIRC at the time when Fedora evaluated its options the open source version of Gitlab was more limited than today. AFAIK Debian + FreeDesktop developers worked with Gitlab Inc. and finally succeeded in getting necessary features included in the open source version.

If the evaluation was done today and there were no Pagure I suspect Fedora would use gitlab as well.

(I'm also wondering if Fedora writes too much custom infrastructure when there are "open core" offerings which might provide more features - e.g. Gitlab instead of Pagure, sentry instead of abrt. But I'm aware of limited ressources and I trust my fellow Fedorians with their judgement.)

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