On Wed, 2 Oct 2019 at 03:39, Felix Schwarz <fschw...@fedoraproject.org> wrote:
> Am 01.10.19 um 16:55 schrieb Stephen John Smoogen:
> > Then there are problems with budgets and figuring out what exactly it
> > would cost. We fall outside of many of the 'caveats' that would allow
> > us to get free.
> IIRC at the time when Fedora evaluated its options the open source version of
> Gitlab was more limited than today. AFAIK Debian + FreeDesktop developers
> worked with Gitlab Inc. and finally succeeded in getting necessary features
> included in the open source version.
> If the evaluation was done today and there were no Pagure I suspect Fedora
> would use gitlab as well.
> (I'm also wondering if Fedora writes too much custom infrastructure when there
> are "open core" offerings which might provide more features - e.g. Gitlab
> instead of Pagure, sentry instead of abrt. But I'm aware of limited ressources
> and I trust my fellow Fedorians with their judgement.)

One of the goals many early Fedora participants had was that Fedora
was to be an incubator for open source software which isn't available
as FLOSS elsewhere. The issue though is that software does not spring
up instantly from the head of Zeus fully formed. It takes years and a
lot of effort. Other things can overtake what you are working on and
just be so much larger and bigger than what is now. It can also be
that what communities want changes faster than it takes for the
software to be written.

> Felix

Stephen J Smoogen.
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