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I couldn't believe it either when I saw the proposal, so 2010-ish :)

Anyway I'm in great favour of this proposal and I'd love to see btrfs the 

Glad to hear!

My biggest complain nowadays is this: https://lwn.net/Articles/674865/
Not being able to mount partitions of my Raptor Talos Power 9 into my x86 systems annoys me, but I guess it shouldn't bother many people. On the other side I had lots of hardware issues on my Raptor machine and my btrfs hourly snapshots already saved my day multiple times (latest one was while upgrading from Fedora 31 to 32).

Sadly that's the present situation, but I think that's being worked on. As desktop ARM hopefully gains in popularity (between Raspberry Pi 4 being almost there, and Apple about to ship ARM-based Macs, the next couple of years will be interesting) - as this happens I could imagine the need for mounting partitions created on Intel on ARM machine and vice versa will be more important.

From what Josef told me, once the kernel's btrfs driver supports this existing filesystems would mount fine cross platform.


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