> I'm strongly against this proposal. BTRFS is the most unstable file
> system I ever seen. It can break up even under an ideal conditions and
> lead to a complete data loss. There are lots of complaints and bug
> reports in Linux kernel bugzilla and Reddit.
Without providing evidence, this is just unsubstantiated FUD. As with any piece 
of software, also btrfs may have bugs, but the only know issue which may have 
implications with regard to data loss are the raid5/6 write holes, which are 
documented on btrfs' gotchas [1] and status [2] pages. However, there are many 
other good reasons why raid5/6 configurations should be avoided - with any 
filesystem. For more detailed explanations see [3] and [4]. Even though these 
articles are written for ZFS, the drawbacks around raid5/6 apply equally well 
to other filesystems.

Also, to note, many of the early "issues" and "bug" reports around btrfs were 
due to user-space utilities such as snapper. I ran into some of these issues 
myself (specifically a issue with meta-data on openSUSE at around 2012), which 
made me very sceptical of btrfs for several years. However, I recently did my 
research on modern filesystems when setting up a home NAS and came to the 
conclusion that ZFS and btrfs are the best filesystems currently available. I 
subsequently opted for ZFS due to the excellent community support and 
user-space utilities, and do not only use ZFS for the NAS, but also on my 
Fedora laptop.

I personally like the articles on modern filesystems by Jim Salter, where 
especially the one from 2014 discusses the advantages of ZFS and btrfs [5]. 
(That article was a excellent entry point to the topic for, and is especially 
well suited for people otherwise not really familiar with this topic.)


[1] https://btrfs.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Gotchas
[2] https://btrfs.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Status
[3] https://jrs-s.net/2015/02/06/zfs-you-should-use-mirror-vdevs-not-raidz/
[4] http://nex7.blogspot.com/2013/03/readme1st.html
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