> On Sat, Jun 27, 2020 at 8:05 PM Stasiek Michalski <stasiek(a)michalski.cc&gt; 
> wrote:
> Can you elaborate on the sorts of reasons you'd need the pre rolled
> back versus the post? I imagine one is more common to use as a
> rollback than the other.

Post is usually used when something else goes wrong with the system,
outside of use cases foreseen by the automated snapshots. So it depends
when the issue happens, and which part of the system caused it.
Obviously we can't expect the user to make snapshots before doing
something potentially dangerous, so after the last update seems like a
good restore point for a system

> That would be cool. There are some notes about this in the tracker for
> the proposal we're using, #153. In particular when I think of the
> layout (open)SUSE is using, I'd think you probably don't want to show
> all subvolumes in this interface, let alone subvolume snapshots (many
> of those on an (open)SUSE system!)

Yup, I already had a look in places, to see what is needed, and what
people expect from gdu and associated utilities

LCP [Stasiek]
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