On Sun, Jun 28, 2020 at 2:05 am, Stasiek Michalski <stas...@michalski.cc> wrote:
There is no gui for basically anything btrfs related anywhere, since
SUSE has had close to 0 interest in desktop for around 10 years. Since I heard there is nobody maintaining gnome-disk-utility, I might have some motivation to help out with it, since I am a huge fan of it, so we will
see how much time I have over the coming weeks to implement things
there. We wouldn't want it to die like banshee, would we?

It's being maintained by Kai L√ľke, but certainly doesn't appear to be under active development. I'm sure he would appreciate help. :) Certainly, nobody has volunteered to work on btrfs support there. I know udisks2 has btrfs API, though, which should help.

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