2008/7/19 Andrés Ambrois <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
>  Hello all!
>  I've recently started learning python and sugar programming and, while
> trying to be useful in the meantime, have been tinkering around with the
> PlayGo activity.

Thanks. I wrote to the American Go Association when we started this
project, and they wrote back, "We can't tell you how excited we are."
They put a note in their e-mail newsletter about us. When we can take
our software to one of their events, we can talk about getting
assorted game records and go literature into a library content bundle.

I was a 6-kyu player in my youth, according to the teachers in my
school in Korea, where I was a Peace Corps Volunteer. I learned at a
chess club when I was eleven. If I had had access to the literature
available now, I am sure I would have made amateur dan. I am delighted
to see children getting opportunities I didn't have back then, and
being able to help get even more opportunities to way more children.

I can read the Korean and Japanese go literature a little, and I can
provide pointers to a lot of on-line resources.

The Hip-Hop Chess Federation is also interested in our work, as is
International Chess Master Josh Waitzkin, author of The Art of
Learning". Walter Bender started discussions with his book and chess
tutorial software publishers about Free licenses on versions of the
book and software.

I have literature and contacts for a great many more games. We aren't
going to run out of programming exercises for a very long time.

>  I have a few patches that add basic scorekeeping,

Do you mean scoring at the very end of a game, or scoring games in
matches, or what? Can your code estimate who is ahead in a game?

> error messages
> (like: "There already is a stone there!"), and small code cleanup.

Is there a ko rule implemented? Can we get all of the different rule
sets as options (Japan, China, Korea, Ing)?

> I'd like
> to start tackling bigger problems (like collaboration) in the future.
> However, cjb told me on #sugar the best way to get this commited is having
> commit access to the git repo. I couldn't find a "Commit access application"
> in the wiki,

Yes, we are very bad at these management issues. Nobody is in charge,
and as far as we can tell, nobody in management notices when nobody is
in charge. %-[

As I understand it, the project manager is supposed to give
participants git access. When a project manager abandons a project, it
often happens that nobody does anything about it.

> so I'm using part of the project hosting application here :) :

Exactly right, under the circumstances.

> 1. Project name               : PlayGo
> 2. Existing website, if any : http://wiki.laptop.org/go/PlayGo
> 3. One-line description     : A Go game activity
> 6. Committer list:
>    Username   Full name             SSH2 key URL                    E-mail
>      --------          ---------                    ------------              
>              ------
> #1  aa  Andrés Ambrois  http://aambrois.homeip.net/site/files/id_rsa.pub
> 11. Translation
>   [X] Set up the laptop.org Pootle server to allow translation commits to be
> made
> 12. Notes/comments: The project already is on the git repository:
> http://dev.laptop.org/git?p=projects/PlayGo;a=summary . But I couldn't find
> it in the pootle server. It'd be great to have it added.
> Also, I'm Uruguayan so I'll take care of the spanish translation :). If anyone
> needs any help with Spanish, I'm usually around at #olpc :D
> --
>  -Andrés
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