On 03/02/2015 03:03 PM, Oleg Hahm wrote:
If we are thinking about amending an existing license, we could also try to
ease the restrictions of LGPL to fit our vision (whatever that is).

In general yes, in practise I wonder if it wouldn't be more advisable to adopt
something already existing.
IMHO GPL + linking exception doesn't cut it. I'm not trying to change LGPL into that.

In my opinion the IoT world needs something that is more oriented towards respecting the needs of potential end users.


-> "IoT must be hackable."

A nice example of why:

"Hacking into Internet Connected Light Bulbs"


(short summary: Contiki based light bulbs distributed the users' WiFi credentials over a 6LoWPAN mesh using the same static AES key on all shipped bulbs.)

If code contributions is all we want, *BSD is probably the way to go.

Btw. I just realized during the last days that even FreeRTOS is using GPL with
some kind of linking exception: http://www.freertos.org/a00114.html#exception
Nice example, as there are some successful products using it.

Take a look at Pebble:

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