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In any case the result is inferior to the current solution. It will:
- require user-interaction (and an ugly UX element) to switch language

(for those without JS)

Almost all users will have JS.

- require JS if you want to guesstimate what the user wants (but that
will always be slower since you'll have to make the determination before

loading the content and/or load it twice)

Yes, I'm curious if there is a visible delay with the javascript solutions, I
would hope they're smart enough to minimize it.

- require cookies/local storage if the choice is to be persisted across


Almost all users will have cookies, especially if they have javascript.
We should not hurt the experience of the vast majority of users (who will have
modern js and cookie enabled browsers) to preserve the experience of a tiny
minority that might not.
An alternative we could consider is hosting on Google App Engine, but that would
add considerable complexity, and might require Dan to redo some of his work on
porting the site.
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