On Sat, Oct 15, 2016 11:22 AM, Florent Daigniere nextg...@freenetproject.org
> Almost all users will have JS.

Our user-base is less likely than the average to have it enabled, that's

why I am pointing it out here.

Or S3/cloudfront or something else. Speaking of which, do we plan to

drop SSL support too? Or the domain that we have been using for a decade

and a half?


"HTTPS is not supported for GitHub Pages using custom domains."

That is definitely troubling, is this the first time this problem has been
raised?  I don't recall seeing anyone mention this before.
S3/cloudfront are options if we keep the site static, but then that would have
the limitations you've already pointed out with respect to internationalization.
Google App Engine should be able to address the internationalization problem, it
does (or at least it did once) have the limitation that the URL needs to begin
with "www", but we can set up a redirect if necessary for that.
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