Hi devs,

I’m currently working on improving our TeX renderer (which is really a POC 
ATM), in an effort to see if it could be used to generate nice PDF exports (you 
generate LaTeX and then you convert to PDF).

The main issue is that LaTeX doesn’t have any technology for applying style to 
it (like CSS has for HTML). In addition I wasn’t able to find any good HTML+CSS 
to TeX converter (as we have for PDFs with XSLT+FOP).

So right now my idea is to implement some default behavior in the Tex Renderer 
(that could be configured globally in xwiki.properties and/or in the Admin UI) 
and give the ability to override specifically in the content.

For example, imagine that you need to decide how to position table column 
content (left, centered, right) or whether the rows and/or columns of your 
table have vertical and horizontal lines (or other configs, autowrap, etc).

The idea is that the Tex Renderer would support some custom tex-specific 
parameters. For example:

(% tex-table-spec=“c | c | c" tex-table-floating="true" 
tex-table-caption="caption" %)
(% tex-table-row-ending="\hline" %)|a|b

(by default the table spec would be left aligned with vertical lines, and rows 
would be separated by horizontal lines).

If you have some comments or ideas, please let me know.

Inventing a CSS-like mechanism would just be too hard to implement IMO.


PS: If you want to see table options in LaTeX, see 

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