On Wednesday, 31 July 2013 at 22:58:32 UTC, John Colvin wrote:
On Wednesday, 31 July 2013 at 21:40:45 UTC, Bill Baxter wrote:
Are you serious that you can't fathom how it could be confusing to someone
than talking about differences in run times?
If you say something is faster than something else you want the two numbers to be something you can relate to. Like MPH. Everyone has a clear concept of what MPH is. We use it every day. So to say 25 MPH is 25% faster than 20 MPH is perfectly clear. But nobody talks about program execution speed in terms of programs per second. So I think it's pretty clear why that would be harder for people to grok than changes in car speeds or run times.

It's a quite impressively unbalanced education that provides understanding of memory allocation strategies, hashing and the performance pitfalls of integer division, but not something as basic as a speed.

To be fair, that is the only item of the list that involve complicated like division.

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