On Monday, 12 August 2013 at 07:13:11 UTC, bioinfornatics wrote:
I had release all rpm https://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/devel/2013-August/187609.html

if no one take it they will go out of fedora.

I am lazy to explain that is not :
- a build system or dub
- a build system and dub

Firstly not everyone spent time to search their tool from cpan rvm pypi … Secondly when you want the lib A who need bib B who need … you appreciate to have it in your repo
Third FHS rules and other was no create to annoyed dev…

If D dev should to install a compiller next a lib A dev a little get another lib … that is easier when that is into repo . That help to brings new users when all is into a repo

dub suits this purpose just fine. It's a build tool and a package manager. It can be used just like the various Linux package managers (dub install libname), but but it's even better in that you can skip that step entirely. List your project's dependencies in a package.json, and dub will automatically download and install them. Then they become available for every project you build with dub.

As a library maintainer, I find this much cleaner than relying on different people to maintain packages for different package managers. dubs configuration integrates with my git repo. The responsibility for registering with the dub registry is on me and I can keep it up to date with a simple config file. Most importantly, it makes it more likely that more users are on the same version and they can easily get the latest bug fixes when I update git without any extra effort on my part. On every platform that dub supports, not just Linuxen. rpms, deb files and whatnot often fall behind in the official package repositories and each one is only available to a certain subset of Linux users. dub is just a better option all around.

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